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 Site Security

Site Security

This site uses Actinic E-commerce software using it's in built 128-bit encryption. Credit card details are only read by when the orders are downloaded and by the on line customer when the details are entered. At no time in this process are credit card details able to be read by anyone else.

Encryption occurs on the buyer's PC and decryption can only occur on the PC set up for downloading orders. At no stage is the transaction decrypted whilst it travels over the Internet or stored on a web site. In addition, orders (including users credit card details) are only stored on a web site until the vendor downloads them to their PC after which they are removed. Therefore, orders are not available online to invite any form of attack.

The encryption is carried out by using a Java applet. The Java applet is subject to the standard security restrictions which restrict their ability to communicate across the Net to only the web site that they are downloaded from.

The following banks have approved their customers use of Actinic E-commerce software - Barclays Bank, Midland Bank and The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Actinic E-commerce software developed represents a safe way of transacting business across the Internet. This is primarily because it never decrypts the orders at the web site nor stores them in clear text thereby negating the most likely forms of attack.


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