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Andralok Earrings
Pull Through Earrings

See a small collection from our range of Pull Through Earrings in 9ct Gold and Sterling Silver.

9ct Gold Earrings

We stock a large selection of 9ct gold studs ( not gold or silver plated ) including, plain, fancy, stone set and novelty designs. All studs come with quality scroll fittings. We can convert any of our studs to Andralok fittings, please contact us for details.

Silver Earrings

We have an extensive range of pure Stirling Silver earrings. These include plain and stone set studs, droppers, sleepers, tubes and novelty earrings.

Clip On and Screw Fitting Earrings

We have an assortment of 9ct Gold and Sterling Silver clip on and screw fitting earrings.

18ct Gold Earrings

We have a range of 18ct gold earrings, with more designs to come.

Matching 9ct Gold Pendants

We have an assortment of 9ct gold stone set pendants to match some of our earrings.

Matching Silver Pendants

We have a selection of matching Sterling Silver Pendant to complement certain styles of earrings .

Scrolls and Fittings

We stock a large selection of different style scrolls and earring fittings in pure 9ct yellow gold and Stirling silver .

Earrings for Men

We stock a selection single studs and sleepers for men.

Some of our Latest Designs

The following earrings are a few examples of our latest designs that we have manufactured in our workshop at Selly Oak and are selling through our retail shop and on the internet through our Just Earrings web site.


We charge a flat rate of £2.95 postage and packing on all orders and no charge will be made on orders over £50.

Best Sellers

A list of the best selling earrings in our store.

New Products

A selection of our latest designs in gold and silver earrings, with styles to suit all tastes.

Earrings Made to Your Own Design

We can make any style of earring in gold, silver or platinum if you wish. You can have any stones you want e.g. Diamond, Pearl, Rubies etc. set in any style setting.

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